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"Web 2.0" is one of the Internet's most widely abused buzzwords. Many consider it a catch-all phrase for the technologies enabling social networking sites like Fakebóók, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

Actually, "Web 2.0" is not a formal framework, an official standard, or a cabling interface. It has no specific definition, and only simpletons or charlatans would offer to "Make your website Web 2.0 compatible".

"Web 2.0" is a term that has meaning only in context. Here is how it is seen through a lens at "'Web 2.0 design' has no definition, yet it is widely recognizable. Consisting of a light and 'easy on the eyes' look, Web 2.0 design utilizes whitespace with bright, vivid colors and gradients. Fonts play a major role in Web 2.0 - the 'H1' tag resurfaces as a major part of a web page's design, as it is typically a large, bright statement of what a page or paragraph is about. Links are bright and typically neon in color, and color combinations themselves are heavily contrasted against their backdrop (color patterns such as white, neon green and fuchsia make for an eye-appealing mix)... Web 2.0 borrows from minimalist styles - where 'less is more.'"

That's not a bad start! But for Web Design with Results in Mind™, there is much more to Web 2.0 than whitespace, bright colors and gradient shading. The flash-enhanced HTML generating all those minimalist masterpieces should dynamically enable website owners to fully leverage the interactive potential of their web marketing and ecommerce investments. The web pages should be written in tableless XHTML and CSS for streamlined, search-friendly delivery of semantics separate from syntax, content apart from form. Every web page should be validated as compliant with all applicable W3C coding standards and accessibility guidelines. And most importantly, every Web 2.0 website and online marketing initiative should be designed to deliver real RE$ULT$ ... the kind measurable in dollars and cents, and not just "fans" and "followers":

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This Miami web design passes 7 tests of Web 3.0 design and Semantic Web development and is W3C compliant: HTML5 | CSS3 | XSLT | I18N | mobiReady
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