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Learn more about the importance of focus in Web Design!

The more focused your website is, the more effective it will be. Highly successful websites project a clear message that is tailored to a specific audience, concentrated on a specific proposition, and targeted to inspire a specific action:

If you try to be everything to everybody ... you will end up being nothing to nobody.

Although the mission of many advertisers is to convince consumers otherwise, in reality there are very few products needed by everyone, and few propositions that appeal to everybody. Sure, almost everyone needs a phone and a computer with Internet access. And maybe, just maybe, everybody needs your revolutionary new widget. But you won't sell very many by trying to be all things to all people.

Why? Because everybody doesn't buy things. Somebody buys things, and that somebody has distinct tastes and preferences. In order to sell your widget to somebody and others like them, you need to identify the market segment most likely to be interested in your offer and focus your efforts on that audience. We can help you with that:

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