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Bruce Arnold has over 35 years of experience in business and technology, and has delivered successful ebusiness marketing, web design and ecommerce solutions to a broad range of professional, financial, healthcare, travel, hospitality, industrial wholesale and retail clientele. Websites he (re)designs are successful because they look good, rank high, get traffic and make money for their owners.

An award-winning South Florida web developer with an unrivaled blend of software engineering acumen and creative graphic artistry, Bruce Arnold is a current or former member of the following professional organizations:

  • American Association of Webmasters
  • HTML Writers Guild
  • International Webmasters Association

He has also been a member of the Aventura Marketing Council and the Greater North Miami Chamber of Commerce, and served as webmaster for several South Florida business groups:

  • Broward Business Network
  • Kendall Networkers
  • Pinecrest Business Association

A PayPal Verified Vendor, Bruce Arnold is active in the business and betterment of South Florida.

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This Miami web design passes 7 tests of Web 3.0 design and Semantic Web development and is W3C compliant: HTML5 | CSS3 | XSLT | I18N | mobiReady
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Expert Rating Percentile Ranks:   HTML5 96  ·  CSS3 92  ·  PHP5 96  ·  PHP Coding 98  ·  MySQL5 98  ·  JavaScript 95  ·  jQuery 92
WordPress 99  ·  SEO 98  ·  Mobile Web 99  ·  Mobile Apps 92
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